Vermont: Top Facts Everyone Should Know

Vermont, nicknamed as The Green Mountain Slate, is a New England State, located at the northeastern region in the United States. If you are planning on to visit this state or are relocating there, here are the 10 facts which your should be aware of.

  • Epic Lake Monster-Champ

If you think that Scotland’s Loch Ness is the only place which is home to a lake monster, it’s time to brush up your knowledge.Lake Champlain of Vermont houses a shy and a friendly creature named Champ. Whilst all the ancient pictures of the sightings have been exposed, Discovery Channels’ investigation concluded that it was nothing more than a decomposing tree. Whilstno one is sure whether Champ is just a myth or a reality; legend endures and numerous pictures and videos come upalmost every couple of years.

  • It Was Once An Independent Country

Before it became the 14th state of the United States, Vermont was an independent country. It declared its independence in the year 1777. It printed its own currency, had their own postal service and prohibited slavery.However, in the year 1791, it was admitted back to the union.


  • Signboards Are Illegal Here

One thing which you will immediately notice in Vermont is the absence of billboards on the roads. In order to preserve the state’s natural beauty, the sate banned billboards in the year 1968. Moreover, signs on one’s won premises are carefully regulated. Tourists find this as a blessing as they can experience the beauty of Vermont without any obstruction from the ugly signboards.

  • The Great Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain, which covers almost the entire western border of Vermont, was one of the Great Lakes. In 1998, Bill Clinton, the US president of that time, signed an official bill announcing this. However, after an uproar by the politicians, it was removed from the list.

  • Arrest Warrant For Cheney & Bush

Brattleboro and Marlboro, the two towns of Vermont, created history when they issued resolution for the arrest of President Bush and the Vice President Dick Cheney in the year 2008. It claimed that if the duo ever entered these towns, they will be arrested and would be prosecuted.

  • Love For Maple Syrup

Out of United States’ total maple syrup, around 35% is churned out in Vermont, making it the largest maple producer in the US. Its tradition of tapping the maples means that every community in Vermont produces maple. Whilst some produce it for business purpose, others manufacture it for domestic consumption only.

  • Key Location For Snowboarding

Vermont takes pride in being a key location for snowboarding. This sport was inspired by surfing. It is one of the two states which offer the sport for state championship.It has been home to some of the most popular champions of this sport.


  • Fondness For Ice Cream& Cows

Ben & Jerry’s is an internationally renowned ice cream brand and guess what they have their headquarters in Vermont. Whilst it’s unbelievable, it is true that the brand gives its waste ice cream to the local farmers in order to feed their domestic animals. The state has the highest ratio of cows per person. Reportedly there is 1 cow for every 3.8 people in Vermont.

Isn’t this place full of fun and unbelievable stuff!!

I wrote this blog to show some of the spectacular reasons someone would want to visit Vermont. Vermont has plenty to offer a variety of interests from arts and culture, family themes events and festivals, recreation and leisure, spa resorts, and excellent local foods you can only find in Vermont. In this blog, I will detail some of the aspects of Vermont that make it a special space. I cover some of the most attractive sights and discuss what Vermont offers as a whole.

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