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Vermont Trivia Challenge

How much do you know about the Green Mountain State? Test your knowledge with the following true/false statements. There are two ways to do this: either select Start below to browse through all (30) questions on Vermont trivia, or individually select trivia questions from the list just below it. If you score 30 out of 30, you're a native!


Trivia Questions:

1) Vermont was the first state to join the Union after the original 13 colonies.
2) Vermont is the only state in the U.S. that doesn't allow billboards.
3) Calvin Coolidge was the only U.S. president born in Vermont.
4) Ben & Jerry's got their start in a Burlington gas station.
5) Farmland covers more than 3/4 of the Vermont landscape.
6) Vermont's largest employer is the ice cream giant, Ben & Jerry's.
7) Four out of five fawns starve to death each winter in Vermont.
8) Ethan Allen once wrote a bible.
9) In 1966, Vermont had a total of 81 ski areas.
10) "Silent" Calvin Coolidge was a dour but practical man with little sense of humor.
11) The first ski lift in the U.S. was started in Vermont.
12) The first snowboard was invented in Vermont.
13) Russian Roulette was invented in Vermont.
14) Vermont has more residents than New York City.
15) Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the country.
16) Vermont's state capitol is the smallest in the country.
17) Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on the 4th of July.
18) The dome atop VT's state capitol building is made of marble mined from the nearby quarries in Graniteville.
19) Vermont has more cows than people.
20) Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery.
21) The Marx Brothers used to vacation on Lake Bomoseen.
22) Betty Ford attended Bennington College. Major: modern dance.
23) Gerald Ford attended Bennington College. Major: physical comedy.
24) A Vermont resident was the first person in the United States to receive a Social Security check.
25) Vermont has more covered bridges than any other state.
26) The waste from Ben & Jerry's goes to local farmers to feed their hogs.
27) Snow golf was invented in Vermont.
28) Vermont is the largest producer of granite memorials (i.e. gravestones) in the United States.
29) Vermont was named by explorer Samuel D. Champlain for his expedition's benefactor, the Dutchess Emily V. Ermont.
30) Neither of the two presidents born in Vermont -- Chester A. Arthur nor Calvin Coolidge -- were originally elected into the office of President.


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