Great Scenic Attractions in Vermont

Some of the best places to visit in Vermont are the nature spots and covered bridges.  Not everywhere in the US has covered bridges and they are part of the unique approach to civil architecture that gives Vermont its signature and in part, a signature that causes Vermont to be a pictorial image within the corpus of ideas of what it is to describe America.  They are unique places that one can resurface images from children’s books and see the magic and allure of these places.  They are places made of memory and places made a part of national historical memory.

Covered BridgesCoveredBridge2

Hartland is one of the places to find some of the most widely photographed covered bridges.  For anyone who is interested in photography, or has an interest in pursuing photography, Vermont offers
a vast playground of opportunity, art events, connects, and nature views that are each waiting to be captured in a new way and light.

Great Mountains

If you are looking for some sky views to see further across the state of Vermont, then going to the Green Mountains is a great place to get an all-around view of Vermont in many different directions.  No doubt, you will discover how lushly green the state can be in the summer and how multicolor and fully of liveliness it can be in the fall.  The winter is no less spectacular, and in fact, the winter time is one of the top reasons someone bestofnewengland07may want to travel to Vermont.  It is quite and quite in covered snow for the most part, yet the charm emanates New England warmth and ease, and may be a change for some as the wintertime activity kicks up in Vermont rather than stay somber, yet with the same consistency as the other months, so never as much hustle and bustle fuss as one would find in more congested areas, but with a steadiness and upbeat, on the go feel.

Great Fall and Winter Places

There are some places in Vermont that are spectacularly brilliant in the fall and the winter.  Generally that could be said for the entire state without little argument, however, there are some places of note that are unusually attractive in the fall and winter.  One such place is Waitfield.  The mountainous terrains and the small town country feel make it a really open space to experience the season in full force and time.

Pitsford is also a great place to spend a winter and offers that simply American type of living and scenery that brings people back to a sense of new beginnings and quite gestation of possibility.

Historic Places

There is some pristine historic site almost as pristine as Vermont wilderness.  Some of these include an actual, real castle that is sure to peaks lots of curiosity.  Also, there are museums of interest especially in shipping and fishing as Vermont has a wonderful history in this area.  Lennox-034There are also old churches and cathedrals with historical significance and of course there are each of the small towns of out 20,000 people bursting with charm and nostalgic history where you can fit right in into the experience of traditional Vermont living. Overall, there are many low key and low cost attractions to across the state of Vermont.  Vermont appeal is really in its lifestyle offerings and simplified ways of living within the smaller cities with and upbeat festival activity experience that is going year round.


I wrote this blog to show some of the spectacular reasons someone would want to visit Vermont. Vermont has plenty to offer a variety of interests from arts and culture, family themes events and festivals, recreation and leisure, spa resorts, and excellent local foods you can only find in Vermont. In this blog, I will detail some of the aspects of Vermont that make it a special space. I cover some of the most attractive sights and discuss what Vermont offers as a whole.

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