Why should people visit Vermont?

It’s beautiful.  Planning a trip to Vermont is easy and Vermont favor spontaneity in travel, so if you wanted to get up and go, you would find something there at all times for you to do that is fun both socially and in nature experiences.  There’s also a sense of ecological friendliness and consciousness about treating the environment with stewardship, preservation, respect, and empathy.  There are some cutting edge farming and sustainable culture ideas that are being practiced as well.  The food is also excellent with tastes that cater to excellence in any kind of diet.  This creates an unusual effect on the culture that is palpable and creates a fertile environment for constant festival and cultural activity.

How often does Vermont have festivals?

Vermont is constantly having ongoing festivals.  The major festival activity occurs in the spring, summer and fall.  The festivals are usually scheduled back to back, so you will find events simultaneously scheduled or something literally happening all the time for months.

Should I visit Vermont in the winter?

Yes.  Visiting Vermont is not exclusive to the spring, summer and fall.  Vermont’s winter is one of the most scenic.  Residents are generally prepared for large amounts of snow, so few times does generally activity stop.  Vermont’s ski industry is perhaps the best reason why Vermont is a great place to spend time in the winter.

With copious lodges, anyone can find a way to have fun in the snow.  There are also some really great spots throughout the state to experience a more agrarian winter reminiscent of simplified American way of living that has most a hipster appeal and a historic artistic flare.  This experience is particularly mentioned because Vermont has such inspirational scenery that photographers and artists may find the winter months prime with gestating creativity.

What are some of the interesting festivals to attend?

There are film, dance, theater, literary, music, beer, wine and chocolate, cheese, and subcultural festivals that occur regularly.  Among these various areas, there are also various genres and niches for each type of festivals.  For instance, there are women’s film festivals, vegetarian food festivals, new filmmaker’s festivals, and steampunk festivals to give you an idea of how almost anyone can find an interest.

Are attending festivals expensive?

Generally, festival prices are low costs and this also depends on the type of festival and the generally ranges for that festival type.  For instance, there are certain standard prices for seasonal tickets to classical musical activities that are inclusive of festivals.

What are some of the fun nature activities in Vermont?

Vermont is filled with nature activities from top to bottom and east to west.  The entire state is made of nature activities so there is also somewhere interesting to go and be in nature.  From skiing, to some of the great mountains like Green Mountain, some of the great places like Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, you can literally walk out your door and have a full blown excellent nature adventure waiting for you.