Over 30 Different Festivals across the State of Vermont

Vermont summers are filled with events almost every night.  The state is renowned for its nature scenery, getaway spots, small town charms, and its mountain ski lodges, yet the culture is also always lively and busy in the process of producing enjoyable entertainment and activity.  There is a rather smooth way in which it all integrates to form a unique Vermont way of living and expressing culture.  Festivals in Vermont are produced around a diversity of themes including classical music, jazz, food and beverage, beer, wine, cheese, family activates, nature activities, environmental affiliations and perspectives, and other unique activities such as hot air balloon festivals.

Music Festivals

There are approximately four music festivals over the summer, which Northern_roots-1900x855include acoustic festivals, jazz festivals and classical music festivals.  In addition to the musical festivals are also two really great arts festivals that showcase a variety of the state’s arts from sculpting to music to painting.  These festivals are part of the staples of Vermont culture and attract people from all over the country and world to participate and to experience the fun.

There are other types of musical festivals such as a bluegrass festival, a rock festival, world music festival, and a steampunk festival.

Film and Literary Festivals

There are also some excellent fall time film and literary festivals that draw national and international attention.  Specifically, the Burlington Book Festival in September is a wonderful event for the publishing industry.  Also of note is the Vermont International Film Festival that runs for a couple of weeks in the fall and attracts people from all over the world to experience Avant-guard, independent, and highly artistic films.  There is also the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival and the Green Mountain Film Festivals that are usually held in the spring and the summer.  As you can see, each aspect of the arts is well insulated within Vermont culture and has its own niche area of Vermont culture to celebrate its unique contribution.

Vermont Festival

It would also be important to mention the Vermont festival exclusively dedicated to Mozart Chamber music.  This can give you an idea of the 8edb11d7-8fa5-4f06-9638-168f17ec5861some of the specialty of culture and arts one can find within Vermont and the types of personalities that continually keep these festivals going making them a part of Vermont culture.

Dance Festivals

In the world of dance and theater, there are also excellent opportunities to experience a diversity of festivals that occur throughout the spring and the summer.  Generally, the type of art dictates when the festival occurs, so theatre, dance and music might be found more in the spring and summer, while book, film, and literary festivals might be found more in the fall, and during the winter, skiing and winder sports are a big deal and industry within Vermont, with many lodges catering to the winter time of year.

For 2016, Vermont’s event calendar lists over 30 events within arts and culture alone.  There are also other types of festivals, gatherings, and events in other sectors of interests including food and beverage, environment and recreation, as well as education.  So if you are interested in Vermont, there are a consistent stream of activities to keep up the momentum and great places to in nature to find to experience essential peace, as well as driving and airport access to major cities such as Boston or New York.


I wrote this blog to show some of the spectacular reasons someone would want to visit Vermont. Vermont has plenty to offer a variety of interests from arts and culture, family themes events and festivals, recreation and leisure, spa resorts, and excellent local foods you can only find in Vermont. In this blog, I will detail some of the aspects of Vermont that make it a special space. I cover some of the most attractive sights and discuss what Vermont offers as a whole.

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